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About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a picturesque small country in eastern europe.

His existence based on 13 centuries past. Bulgaria is the empire of sun.
The ocean extens of 354 kilometre coust of the schwarze meer ( black ocean ). Bulgaria offers many sun, acure blue ocean, pretty sand beaches, a big selection of summer- and winterfurore. Few businessmen are invest more and more in properties in this attractive locations. The natural resources, architectoral and cultural sights are good developed.

You can enjoy few different kinds of tourism, wellness and not only in summer.
In winter you have the possibilities of ski, cross country skiing, few wonderful hills with lifts almost 3.000 metre over sealevel. Two seaports at the coast. One in north, varna. The other in south, burgas. Both have international flight connections to europe.

For zcech citizen are bulgaria one of the most popular holiday destination. Zcech and of course all eu citizen can buy properties ( none agricultural or silvicultural areas ) in bulgaria direct from the owner.
For many foreign investors is bulgaria the best country with future. The infrastructure improved every year. At the bulgarian coast will built new flats still. Here u get the lowermost pricelevel of vacation properties in the whole eu.
The second great argument is the relatively adventageously priced for all kind of services. The ownership of bulgarian properties is for foreign eu citizen like a daily run. At the best u get a studio up ca. 20.000 euro. Pretty two room flats are up 50.000 til 60.000 euro. Best area flats in the closer near of ocean up 80.000 euro. Few estate agents are focused on high qualitiy properties and near of coust.